About Us

At Fawcetts IT in Salisbury and Wiltshire, we believe we’re different from other IT service providers.

We don’t believe in technology for technology’s sake – what we do believe in is building a relationship with our clients based upon merit and trust.

That’s why we aim to:

  • understand your business and apply technology to help make it stronger
  • build a relationship with you so that you think of us as an extension of your business
  • provide the best service possible, whatever it takes.

Our ethos is to:

  • care about your business and provide an outstanding service to every client
  • work in partnership with you and always strive to help, even when this takes us beyond our own services. If we can’t do it, we know someone who can
  • when technology goes wrong, you judge your IT support team not just on the speed of response and reduction in downtime, but in their approach to resolving a crisis. With Fawcetts IT, you can be sure we will be on hand to do whatever is needed to get you back on track
  • stand by you and assist in any way we can.

Fawcetts IT works closely with its sister business, Fawcetts Chartered Accountants. Fawcetts are not just Chartered Accountants but also Business Advisers, acting for a wide variety of individuals, businesses and charitable organisations across Southern England and beyond, providing audit, accountancy, taxation, financial and associated business support services.

At the very heart of what we both do is a passion for delivering highly professional, individually tailored services to meet our clients’ needs, to suit their budgets and the way they prefer to work.

For more information about Fawcetts IT in Salisbury and Wiltshire, please contact us.